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Welcome to . On this site I am trying to share original and free printable baby shower invitations, ideas, games, food, decoration and favor ideas for different baby shower themes so you can make a baby shower that is modern, unique yet cheap.

I have written guidelines for 11 most popular baby shower themes which are suitable for baby boy, baby girl and also gender neutral themes that can be used for both boy and girl or in case parents to be do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby.

The themes which are greatly suitable for boy baby shower include of-course a simple boy theme, blue, monkey and Cowboy baby shower theme.

For girls there is pink , girl and cow-girl baby shower theme.

And here are various other themes that are suitable for both boys and girls which are jungle, safari, book and owl baby shower theme.

I have also gathered ideas for twin baby shower so if the mom-to-be is expecting twins you can easily arrange a perfect party for her.

I have created free printable invitations, thank you cards, games, tags, favor bags, cup cake toppers, stencils and labels for all these themes that you can print on your home printer and thus can manage arranging a cheap and cost effective baby shower.

I have also gathered food ideas, games ideas, deocration ideas to make your baby shower modern, chic and successful in every way.

11 Popular and Modern Baby Shower Themes

1. Book Baby Shower

Bring a book baby shower is a nice and modern theme and it is great to throw a book themed baby shower if mom-to-be is a book lover.

2. Safari Baby Shower

Safari baby shower is a great and fun theme. You can use everything from plants to stuffed baby animals to make your safari baby shower beautiful and memorable.

3. Jungle Theme

Just like Safari Shower, jungle themed baby shower is also a new and modern theme and you can use anything in party decorations, from plants to stuffed animals.

4. Monkey Theme

If a cute baby is on it's way you can throw a monkey baby shower to have a fun and naughty party.

5. Boy Baby Shower

If you do not want to go with any specific theme you can simply throw a Boy baby shower.

6. Girl Baby Shower

Everything you need to know about a baby shower if a girl is on it's way.

7. Cowboy, Cowgirl

If you are having a western theme then you will surely like to see what I have to offer for the little cowboy or cowgirl's baby shower.

8. Pink Baby Shower

It is almost the same as girl baby shower but you can keep everything pink.

9. Blue Baby Shower

If it's a boy then blue is the traditional color for your boy baby shower.

10. Twin Baby Shower

If twins are on their way, whether they are two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl, you will like the ideas and all the printable things that we are offering here.

11. Owl Theme

Owl is a symbol or wisdom so let celebrate the little wise child who is on its way with an owl themed baby shower.