Free Clip-Art for Baby Shower

I have created free and original clip-art for various baby shower themes that you can use in your DIY baby shower crafts projects. All this clipart is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You can create your own invitations, thank you cards, favor tags, favor wrappers, place cards and many more interesting items using this clipart. You can also use these images in your baby shower party decorations.

Boy Baby Shower Clip-Art

cute blue baby socks clipart for boy shower

Click on the image on the left to visit the page with different free printable Boy Baby Shower Clipart. I have made PNG clipart with transparent background so you can use this easily in your designs. Find two adorable baby boys, a pair of socks and a rubber ducky in blue color that is free for personal use.

Girl Baby Shower Clip-Art

pink rubber ducky clipart

I have made cute free ClipArt in pink color that you can use in your baby shower party if the mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl.

Twin Clip-Art

baby girl and boy free clipart picture

Free Clipart for twin baby shower with cute twins wraped in pink, blue and purple towels.

Clipart for Pink Baby Shower

pink baby dress clipart

You will find pink clipart under girl baby shower category and also on this page that you can visit by clicking the image on the left.

Blue Baby Shower Clip-Art

blue baby bird clip-art

For a blue colored themed baby shower I have created cute free PNG clipart that you can get by clicking the image on the left. I hope you will make amazing crafts for your baby shower party with this free clipart.

Cowboy, Cowgirl Clip-Art

free cowboy baby shower clip-art

Cowboy is my most favorite theme for Baby Shower and I have prepared beautiful clipart that you can also use. I have prepared a cowboy, a horse and a cowboy boot.

Clip-Art of Jungle Animals

lion clipart for jungle baby shower

If you are looking for cute Jungle themed clipart and cute baby animals then I am sure you will like my page that you can visit by clicking on the lion.

Clip-Art for Safari Baby Shower

free clipart of giraffe for baby shower

Click on the giraffe to visit another page filled with animal's clipart. You will find PNG images of giraffe, lion and elephant etc.

Monkey Clip-Art

free clipart for monkey baby shower

Clipart images of cute baby monkeys are perfect to prepare crafts and to decorate favors for a monkey themed baby shower.

Clip-Art for Owl Baby Shower

free owl baby shower clip-art

Free Clipart for boy, girl or gender neutral owl themed baby shower party.

Book Baby Shower

free book baby shower clip-art

If you are throwing a book themed or bring a book themed baby shower party then you will love to use the free clipart that I have made for sure.