Blue Baby Shower Theme, Ideas, Favors and Games

Blue baby shower is a modern, easy to manage, trendy and fun theme to have if the bundle of joy on its way is a boy. On this page I am going to share my ideas for planning a blue baby shower along with many original printables that I have created to help you managing a cost-effective and fun baby shower. You can use blue color in its own dark and light tones and can also mix and match this color with other colors like brown, white, beige or maroon.

Blue Baby Shower Games Ideas

I have created some free printable baby shower games in blue color on this page but you can download many many games that match your theme from my other website

free printable blue color themed baby shower alphabet game
Printable Blue Baby Shower Games

Blue Baby Shower Invitations

blue baby shower invitations
Invitations for Blue Baby Shower

Start your blue baby shower preparations by sending invitations to the guests that you have planned to invite after consulting parents-to-be. I have created many invitations for blue themed baby shower that you can simply print and fill with pen before sending to your guests. You can use these cute blue labels and use these as address labels if you are using plain envelopes. If you are a DIY lover then you can use these stencils and blue clipart to create your own invitations. You can make your invitations look more beautiful using ribbons and laces in blue color.

Blue Baby Shower Decorations

cute blue labels for baby shower blue baby dress clipart for baby shower
Labels for Blue Baby Shower Blue clipart

You can use lots of blue balloons, cushions, blue table cloth, table ware, blue flowers, stuffed animals, blue onsies, blue socks and blue table ware. You can use polka dotted and striped blue cloth to make your table cloth and cushion covers. You can also use this blue clipart to hang around here and there.Use these stencils to paint on the walls and use these labels, round labels and tags to make your surroundings look beautiful.

Blue Baby Shower Favor Ideas

You can give your baby shower party guests any favors that are in blue color like blue candies, gums and blue m-and-m's in these favor bags. You can also give blue candles as party favors. Use these labels, round labels and favor tags to decorate your party favors and use blue laces and blue ribbons while packing the favors.

blue baby shower favor bags free printable blue baby shower favor tags
Favor bags Favor tags


Blue Baby Shower Food Ideas

Use a table cloth that is in blue color, it can be either striped, polka dotted or patterened. You can serve regular food along with a few blue dishes or dishes made of blue berry. You can use blue icing for cakes and cupcakes, use blue drinks and blue smoothies, blue jelly and biscuits with a blue icing. Use these cupcake toppers to make the cupcakes match the theme. You can also use these labels as food labels and also make place-cards for your guests with these.

round labels for blue colored themed baby shower thank you card for blue color themed baby shower
Blue cupcake toppers Thank you cards

Ask mom-to-be to use these thank you cards to thank the baby shower guests for their gifts.