Free Printable Baby Shower Games

There are many sites with free printable baby shower games online, even I am running a website of such games at but here on this page you will find links to games which are based on various baby shower themes. So whether you are having a book baby shower or safari baby shower, you can print and play themed games on your baby shower party. It is better if your print these games according to the expected number of your baby shower party guests, one or two days before the event. Also do not forget to arrange pens and pencils for each guest. Instructions about playing these games are given with the games or they are written on the printable pages.

There is one Bingo game made with graphics for each theme and rest of the games are specifically related to each theme.

Monkey Baby Shower Games

Pin the banana in monkey's mouth game free printable

A collection of cute and fun games for monkey themed baby shower, games include, monkey themed gift bingo, pin the banana on monkey's mouth and name different types of monkeys.

Games for Owl Baby Shower

owl baby shower bingo

You can play any type of games on baby shower of any theme but to make it more easy for you I have created free printable games for different themes. To get this cute owl themed baby shower bingo game, click on the image on the left.

Girl Baby Shower Games

free printable girl baby name race game

If you are having a girl baby shower then you will surely enjoy these cute games to play with your baby shower party guests. You can easily print these games using your home printer.

Boy Shower Games

free printable boy baby name race game

Click on the image on the left to visit the page with different free printable Baby Shower games that you can enjoy playing on a boy baby shower party.

Games for Twin Baby Shower

free printable sketch identical twins game

Click on the image on the left to visit the page with Some games which are specifically made for twin themed baby shower, like draw identical twins.

Cowboy, Cowgirl themed Games

how many horses can you name, free printable game

Western themed games like how many horses can you name and draw a horse.

Games for Jungle Baby Shower

free printable jungle baby shower word search game

Cute jungle themed game related to baby animals like word search.

Safari Baby Shower Games

free printable safari baby shower name the baby animal game

More animal related games like baby animals word scramble and name the baby animal.

Book themed Games

make a story book baby shower game

Games that you can play on a book baby shower.

Pink Baby Shower Games

free printable pink baby shower alphabet game

If its a pink baby shower all games graphics should be pink, so I have made such games for you.

Blue Baby Shower Games

free printable blue color themed baby shower alphabet game

Printable games in blue color for a blue baby shower.