Free Printable Baby Shower Stencils

Here are some cute, unique and free printable stencils that you can use in your baby shower parties in many creative ways. These stencils cover almost all the baby shower themes that I have covered on this website. You can use these stencils to make your baby shower party decorations, you can paint table clothe, walls and your party banner with the help of these stencils. You can create your very own baby shower party invitations with these stencils. You can use these stencils to paint your party favor wrappers and candy wrappers and in many other creative ways. Click on any of the stencils image that you like and a bigger image will open up, right click and save that image to your computer.

Baby Bottle and Baby Pacifier Stencil

baby shower stencil of baby bottle and pacifier

This is a very useful baby shower stencil which is suitable for any theme and for both boy and girl. This page features two stencils, one for a baby bottle and one for a baby pacifier. You can use this to create DIY party decorations,to decorate favor boxes and what not.

baby sock, heart and safety pin stencil

Baby Sock, Heart and Safety Pin Stencil

This is another set of baby shower stencils that is suitable for almost every baby shower theme. It features a cute little baby sock, a heart and a safety pin. I belive that it will be a bit tricy to cut the safety pin but even the other two stencils are worth your printer's ink. ;)

monkey baby shower stencil

Monkey Stencil

If you are having a monkey baby shower then you will surely appreciate this monkey silhouette stencil. You can make a cute little monkey image on your party walls, on baby shower banner or anywhere that you may like.


jungle and safari baby shower stencil of tree, giraffe and elephant

Tree, Giraffe and Elephant Stencil

As I have shared a lot about jungle and safari baby showers here is a stencil that will help you if your are having a jungle or safari baby shower theme. It features a tree, a giraffe and a cute happy baby elephant. You can also use this set of stencils to decorate your baby's nursery.

jungle and safari baby shower stencil of monkey, tree and bird

Monkey, Bird and Tree Stencil

Here is another set of stencils related to jungle and safari theme. This set features a cute little bird stencil, a monkey that is hanging and a tree. You can create beautiful borders on wall using this hanging monkey stencil.

cowboy, cowgirl baby shower stencil

Cowboy Shoe, Horse and Horse Shoe Stencil

If your theme is cowboy or cowgirl then this set of stencils will be surely appreciated by you. It features a cowboy horse, a horse shoe stencil and a cowboy shoe stencil. Create borders or just use plain impressions of these stencils in your baby shower decorations.