Free Book Baby Shower Clip-Art

On this page you will find free clip-art for your book themed baby shower party. You can use this clip-art to make DIY baby shower decorations, invitations, favor wraps, favor boxes or anything that you may want. Simply right click on any clip-art and save it to your computer. These clip-art are in PNG format with a transparent background but keep in mind that these are for personal use only and you are not allowed to use these commercially.

free book baby shower clip-artA cute image with books in different colors and a teddy bear. You can use this image in your book baby shower decorations.

free book themed baby shower clip-artIn this image a cute little baby is sleeping over a pile of books. This image is gender neutral and it is suiatble for both boy and girl book themed baby shower.

clip-art for girl book baby shower

A cute teddy bear is holding on a pink pile of books with cute little hearts all around it. You can use this image in your book themed baby shower if a girl is on its way.

clip-art for boy book baby shower

Here is same image in blue color so you can use this on your boy baby shower.

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