Free Printable Invitations for Book Themed Baby Shower

If you are having a book themed or bring a book themed baby shower then these free printable invitations will help you keeping your baby shower party arrangements cost effective yet elegant and classy.

free printable book baby shower invitationsThis is a really cute set of invitations featuring a bundle of books, daisies and a cute baby sleeping above all the books. Little daisy flowers give these invitations a lovely look. This set of invitations is gender neutral so you can use this for both boy and girl baby showers.

invitations for book themed baby showerA set of baby shower invitations that look like a book. These invitations are cute and elegant.

invitations fetauring book and teddy bear

Click on this image on left to get another very different and charming set of book baby shower invitations with lots of books and a teddy bear. The space to write your invitation message looks like a note that is pasted on the wall.

book themed baby shower invitations for girl

If you are having a book themed baby shower for a girl then this charming pink set of invitations will be a great choice. This design features a cute little teddy teddy bear that is sitting on a bundle of books and little hearts surrounds it.

book baby shower invitations for boy shower

This is the same design as above but in blue color to suit the needs of a book themed baby shower for a boy.

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