Free Printable Labels For Book Baby Shower

On this page you will find adorable free printable labels for book themed baby shower. You can use these as address labels, paste these on favor jars and bottles, use these as food labels, make cute place tags using these or can use these in many creative ways for your book themed baby shower. I have given blank space on each design where you can add your own text using an image editor or a pen. All the graphics on my website are for personal use only.

free printable labels for book themed baby showerThis is my most favorite set of book theed labels that features lots of books and a cute teddy bear. A space to add your own text is provided in a real cute way.

cute book baby shower labelsThis is another cute and gender neutral set of labels with image of a cute little boy sleeping on a pile of book and surrounded by lots of daisies.

book labels in pink color for baby shower

This is a cute set of book themed baby shower labels in pink color. This design features a cute teddy bear sitting on a bundle of books holding a cute pink heart and hearts surrounding it.

labels in blue color for book baby shower

This is another set of labels in blue color. You can use these labels if you are planning a book themed shower for a boy.

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