Free Printable Monkey Baby Shower Games

Here are some funny, naughty and mischevious free printable Monkey themed baby shower games. If you are having a monkey themed party then it will be very hard for you to find such games online which are free and related to your theme. So to make your party arrangements easier and cost-effective for you, I am offering these games here on this page.

how many monkeys can you name gameHow many monkeys can you name, game

This is a very unique and interesting free printable monkey themed baby shower game. Guests have to write names of as many types of monkeys as they can with in five minutes and the person who writes most names will win. Examples of types of monkeys are gorilla, baboon, chimpanzee etc.

Pin the banana in monkey's mouth game free printable

Pin the Banana on monkey's mouth game

Here is another very interesting baby shower game that will fill your party with laughter and fun. It is a monkey baby shower version of pin the tail on pony' game. Click here to download the bananas that you need according to the number of your baby shower party guests. Write name of each guest on each banana and blindfold the guests. Click on the monkey image on the left and save and print the larger image of this monkey and paste it on a wall or a bigger board. Ask your blindfolded guests to pin the banana as close to monkey's mouth as they can. The person who pins the banana closest will win this game.

free printable monkey baby shower gift bingo

Free Printable Monkey Baby Shower gift Bingo

This is a classic baby shower game and I have make it's monkey baby shower version. You can read the instructions given above the game. All you need is to print as many copies as there are your baby shower guests and distribute it among them with a pen or pencil.

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