Jungle Baby Shower Theme, Ideas, Favors and Games

Jungle Baby Shower theme is wild, chic and modern and it is gender neutral so you can have a Jungle theme for both boy and girl and even if the gender of the baby is not know to parents to be. On this page I am sharing lots of ideas along with free jungle themed printables to help you having a nice and cost effective baby shower.

Jungle Baby Shower Games

You can play baby animals related games in a jungle themed baby shower. To make things more easy for you I have created free printable jungle themed baby shower games.You will find animal word search game, how many baby animals can you name and jungle themed baby shower bingo.

free printable jungle baby shower word search game
Jungle Baby Shower Games

Jungle Baby Shower Party Invitations

free printable jungle baby shower party invitations
Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

Start your party preparations by sending some wild wild invitations to your party guests. I have prepared many free printable invitations with images of adorable jungle animals that you can print, fill and send to invite the guests. These are very hight quality graphics and if you purchase such invitations on etsy etc. then these will cost around 6-7$ for each design but on my site you will find many options for free. It is better if you send these invitations 2-3 weeks before the party so the guests have enough time to RSVP. If you are more of a DIY crafts lover then you can create your own invitations using the free jungle themed clipart.

Jungle Baby Shower Favor Ideas (Free Printable Bags and Tags)

favor bags for jungle themed baby shower
Jungle baby shower favor bags

Your party favos will be small and easy for guests to take home. You can give many things as party favors such as soaps, candles, mints, chocolates, candies, homemade creams or anything that you like but use these jungle baby shower favor bags to pack the favors. You can also use these labels, round labels, and favor tags to make your favors look more beautiful and match your theme more.You can also use ribbons in green or brown colors or real leafs to make the favors look wild.

Jungle Baby Shower Decorations ( Stencils, ClipArt, Labels, Tags)

thank you card printable for jungle themed baby shower
Jungle Baby Thank You Card

It is ideal if you have a garden or lawn to have your jungle themed baby shower party but if you want to have it indoors even then it will work great. For decorations buy or borrow as many plants as you can. Use banana leaves for serving food. Use plants everywhere, in your table decor and around the room. You can use table cloth with zebra or cheetah prints and also use the same cushions. You can also paint your own table cloth using these stencils. You can make jungle themed place cards and small hangings using free clip-art on this page. Play jungle sounds and jungle themed songs and music in the background or while playing games. You can also place stuffed animals here and there.

Jungle Baby Shower Food Ideas

free printable round labels for jungle themed baby shower labels printables with jungle vines and animals
Jungle Baby Shower Cup Cake Toppers Jungle Baby Labels

For a jungle themed baby shower use banana leaves as serving dishes. You can serve your guests trpoical fruit salad, fruit smoothies,banana pie, banana tart, fruit punch and animal shaped cookies. You can use these adorable cupcake toppers to decorate cupcakes and food. Also use these labels to write names of different dishes.

Free printable thank you cards

After the baby shower mom-to-be can thank the baby shower guests with these free printable thank you cards.