Monkey Baby Shower Theme, Ideas, Favors and Games

Whether a boy is on its way or a girl, monkey baby shower can be a perfect and fun filled theme that you and all of your baby shower party guests can enjoy. On this page I'll share some ideas using some useful monkey themed material from my website that will help you keeping your baby shower very cost effective yet cute and fun.

Monkey themed Baby Shower Games

You can play many silly, crazy and fun filled game in monkey baby shower like monkey race in which your guests will have to race holding a banana in their mouths and banana eating contest in which the one who eats the banana fastest will win the game. In order to make the game part more fun for you I have prepared some free printable monkey themed baby shower games with easy instructions about playing the games.These games include, how many monkeys can you name, place the banana on monkey's mouth and monkey themed baby shower bingo.

Pin the banana in monkey's mouth game free printable
Monkey baby shower games

Monkey Baby Shower Party Invitations

monkey themed baby shower party invitations
Monkey baby shower invitations

Start making your guests excited about your party by sending them invitations. To make things easy and cost effective for you I have created several free printable monkey baby shower invitations that you can download, print and send to your baby shower party guests. These graphics are of high quality and you can use these invitations on cardstock paper and no one will feel that these are not purchases graphics but you printed these at home. You can also make invitations using this free monkey clipart.

Monkey Baby Shower Favor Ideas (PrintableTags, Bags)

You can get any small cute items which are not very expensive and use those as baby shower favors such as sugar cookies, glycerine soaps, candies, mints or any other cute small items. Use these monkey themed favor bags to make all the favors match your baby shower theme.

cute favor bags for monkey themed baby shower printable monkey themed labels
Monkey themed Favor Bags Monkey Baby Shower labels

You can also make homemade beauty producst (You can find thousands of homemade beauty recipes online) and fill those in small jars to give your baby shower party guests. Use these labels and round labels to make the jars match the monkey theme.

Monkey Baby Shower Decorations (ClipArt, Stencils)

To make a room ready for Monkey baby shower fill it with lots of plants and vines. You can borrow plants from your friends if you do not own many.

jungle and safari baby shower stencil of monkey, tree and bird free clipart for monkey baby shower
Monkey Stencils Monkey Baby Shower Clip-Art

Paint the table cloth and walls with cute images of monkeys using these free printable monkey stencils on this page. You can use stuffed baby monkeys to put here and there and also hang small monkey images from ceiling or around the room that you can take from this page. You can also use these images as stickers. You can also make cute place-cards for your tea, lunch or dinner table.

Food Ideas for Monkey Baby Shower ( Free Printable CupCake Toppers, Labels )

While preparing food for your monkey themed baby shower think about banana. You can serve banana split icecream,banana pie,banana smoothie, banana bread, banana shaped candies and banana fruit salad but not everyone is a big fan of bananas so also keep other things. If you are keeping cupcakes for your baby shower then decorate those with these adorable cupcake toppers. Also label your food to make it easy for your guests.

free printable round labels for boy monkey themed shower free printable monkey baby shower thank you cards
Cupcake Toppers Monkey themed thank you cards

Monkey themed thank you cards.

After the baby shower mom-to-be can thank the guests for their gifts using these monkey themed thank you cards.