Owl Baby Shower Theme, Ideas, Favors and Games

Owl themed baby shower is cute, modern, adorable, trendy and gender neutral. On this page I am going to share owl themed printables and different ideas about using these printables in your owl themed baby shower to make it unique and trendy.

Owl Baby Shower Games

I have created some free printable owl themed baby shower games that you can play in your baby shower. For more games you can visit my other website at http://cute-owl.com with everything that is required for an owl themed baby shower or birthday party.

owl baby shower bingo

Owl Baby Shower Invitations

free printable owl baby shower invitations

You start a baby shower preparations by sending invitations to your guests. I have created many free printable owl themed invitations that include gender neutral invitations, invitations for a girl owl shower and also for owl themed boy baby shower.All the required fields are already mentioned on these invitations. You just need to print these and fill with a pen before sending to your party guests. You can use these labels as address labels and paste these on envelopes to match your themed. You can also create your own invitations using this clipart.

free owl themed labels for boy baby shower

Owl Baby Shower Decorations

You can use same decorations as in any baby shower party like banners, balloons, diaper cake and centerpices but you can keep everything owl themed. You can add more fun to your decorations by using dry branches to make wreaths or you can just hang small dry branches around and paste little owl pictures on them looking like they are sitting on those branches. You can use this clipart, labels, tags and round labels and use these in various creative ways to match your theme.

Owl Baby Shower Favor Ideas

It is great if you find some owl shaped candles, cookies, and candies to give your guests as favors but if not you can use candies, mints and other small things and give to your guests in these adorable owl themed favor bags. These bags are in gender neutral color as well as for boy and girl. You can also use these labels, favor tags and round labelsto make the packaging of your baby shower favors match the theme.

free printable owl baby shower favor bags

Owl Baby Shower Food

You can serve any type of food that you like but you can make it match your theme using owl themed table-ware. You can also use these cute cupcake toppers to make your food look cute and use these labels to write names of different dishes that you are making.

To thank baby shower guests for their gifts mommy to be can use these thank you cards after the baby shower.