Twin Baby Shower Theme, Ideas, Favors and Games

If mom-to-be is going to be blessed with twins then arrange a baby shower with a twin theme. On this page I am going to share some ideas about how to plan a twin themed baby shower with the help of free printables that I am offering on my site.

Twin Baby Shower Games

I have designed free printable games which are specially made for twin themed baby shower. These games include sketch a pair of identical twins and twin themed baby shower gift bingo. You can also get many other games to play from my site Another game that you can play on twin baby shower is match the pairs of socks. For this you have to divide the guests in two teams and mix pairs of lots of baby socks together and ask them to match the pairs as quickly as possible. The team that matches all the pairs first will win the game.

free printable sketch identical twins game
Free printable twin games

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

free printable twin baby shower invitations
Twin themed baby shower invitations

Let your party guests know that twin babies are on their way through the invitations that you send to them. I have created many free printable twin themed baby shower invitations that you can print on your home printer and send to your baby shower party guests. These invitations include design with gender neutral babies, twin baby boys, twin baby girls and one girl and one boy twins. You can choose any invitation that suits your needs and fill in the given fields before sending these to your baby shower guests. You can paste these labels on the envelopes to make them match the theme. You can also create your own invitations using stencils on this page or clipart on this page.

Twin Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

baby girl and boy free clipart picture baby shower favor tags for twins
Clipart Tags for Twin Shower

If you are planning a baby shower for twins then use decorations in such way that the theme is highlighted. For example use balloons in pairs, put one dish in two similar pots and use everything in pairs. You can also hang small pacifiers and pairs of socks around. You can use these stencils, clipart, tags, labels and round labels in your decorations.

Twin Baby Shower Favor Ideas

You can use these free printable favor bags to match your theme and give any small favors to your guests in these like candies, mints, chocolates and small cookies. You can also give a pair of candles or some homemade cream filled in two small jars as party favors. You can use these favor tags, labels and round labels to decorate your favors.

Twin Baby Shower Food Ideas

You can serve any type of food that you like for your twin baby shower party but again it will look good if you will serve the food in forms of pairs and put same dish in identical pots and put those together. You can use these labels to write names of different dishes and these cupcake toppers to match your theme.

twin boys baby shower thank you card
Thank You Cards

You can guide mom to be to use these twin themed thank you cards to thank guests for all the gifts after the baby shower.